Recent Changes to the Right to Work Scheme from 8th February 2024

February 12th, 2024 by Daisy Birch

In accordance with the UK Government, recent amendments and updates to the right to work scheme were implemented on 8th February 2024.

The Employer’s guide to right to work checks provides instructions for employers on conducting a right to work check and outlines specific measures to avoid civil penalties. This process is referred to as ‘establishing a statutory excuse against liability for a penalty’.

The changes apply to right to work checks conducted on or after 13th February 2024.

What are the right to work changes?

The most notable updates outlined relate to:

  • An increase to the maximum civil penalty for non-compliance with the Right to Work Scheme. The civil penalty for employers will be raised from £20,000 to £45,000 per illegal worker for a first breach and £60,000 per illegal worker for repeat breaches.
  • Right to work checks involving EEA citizens and their non-EEA family members, including those who are identified without lawful immigration status.
  • Employment of specific categories of workers, to provide further information for employers offering supplementary employment to individuals who have immigration permission on a sponsored work route. (Annex B).

Who needs to complete a right to work check?

All UK organisations are obligated to prevent unlawful employment by actioning a right to work check prior to onboarding individuals. This is to ensure their eligibility for the intended role is not compromised due to immigration status or other working restrictions.

DDC’s solution for employers to conduct right to work checks.

DDC’s right to work checking service offers a convenient online process to ensure your compliance with Home Office and Immigration legislation. The streamlined and compliant process eases your administrative load without requiring any prior training or knowledge of the requirements.

The service accommodates all routes of right to work including, facilitating the correct documentation to be seen and captured, plus the use of Identity Validation Technology (IDVT) where it can be used.

DDC assist you through every step of the process, backed by a helpful and informed Customer Service Team ready to address any enquiries. For non-UK nationals, share code information is directly retrieved from the Home Office and you are promptly notified if any document rechecks are necessary.

Ask the experts

If you would like to know more about how DDC can help with your right to work checks, speak with a background screening expert today. DDC’s experts can talk you through the process, ensuring you are compliant at every stage and tailor the package to meet your requirements. Contact the team on 0116 260 3055 | 0845 644 3298 or email

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