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Standard DBS Checks

Free Registration, set-up in minutes. Quick, easy and fully managed DBS application process for your Standard DBS checks.

Processing a Standard DBS Check with DDC is quick and simple. With a dedicated Customer Service Team providing on hand support throughout, an advanced error checking online application form and with electronic results returning on average within 48hours. DDC can help save you time and resource with your Standard DBS checks.

What is a Standard DBS check?

Standard DBS checks or disclosures are a type of criminal record check issued by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). It contains details of all spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings from the Police National Computer (PNC). 

How do I request a standard DBS check?

Standard DBS checks must be requested through an organisation registered with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) known as umbrella bodies. It is only available to organisations and cannot be requested by an individual upon themselves. If you require a Standard DBS check for your staff members or volunteers, then DDC can assist.  With an experienced Customer Service Team on hand, we can create an account for you in minutes and can have applications requested from the Disclosure and Barring Service with no delay. Our bespoke online application process allows you to receive DBS compliant checks and results as quickly as possible. 

Digital Identity for DBS checks

Coming soon, Digital Identity for your DBS checks. DDC will soon be launching the DDC ID App which will streamline the identity checking process for DBS checks making the process more efficient for everyone. The applicant will be able to use their smart phone to scan and read their chip-enabled British passport, and then use the camera to match the pictures in the document.

To find out more see our Digital Identity page

Who can request a standard DBS check?

A Standard DBS check can be requested on employees/volunteers who perform a role exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (1974) by way of being listed in the Exceptions Order (1975). Common industries that request Standard DBS checks:

  • Finance – FCA regulated
  • Legal – Barristers and Solicitors
  • Working with Children and/or Adults in the Charity Sector
  • Football Stewards

If your employee/volunteer positions do not meet the requirements for a standard check, a basic DBS check should be requested

If you are unsure if these requirement are met then contact the DDC team on 0845 644 3298/0116 260 3055 or using our contact form and we will be in answer any questions.

How much do Standard DBS checks cost?

The DBS fee for a Standard DBS check is £18.00 per application. This does not include the DDC administration fee. See our costs here.

How long does a Standard DBS check take?

Standard DBS checks take on average 48 working days to be returned from the DBS. DDC often receive results within two hours.

Free online account

Due Diligence Checking offer a free online account to manage and administer your DBS checks. To get set-up today contact the team on 0845 644 3298/0116 260 3055 or register your organisation for free.

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