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Read about what Basic Disclosures are, how Basic Disclosures work and how you can apply for Basic Disclosures on your staff.

Do you screen your new employees? DDC’s secure online platform allows you to request, manage and receive results for your basic DBS checks. Our dedicated Customer Service Team are on hand to support you and your candidate throughout the process and provide expert advice.

How much do Basic DBS checks cost?

The DBS fee for a basic DBS check is £18.00 per application plus DDC’s administration fee.

Online DBS checks made simple

Our online form makes requesting DBS checks easier then ever. Initiate and manage your checks from our online DBS checking platform.

Checks for businesses and individuals

Whether you require an individual DBS check or are an organisation needing DBS checks for your staff, we can assist you.

What is a Basic DBS check?

A basic DBS check is a type of criminal record check that contains details of all unspent convictions only. In other words, it includes conviction information that has not yet reached an age where it is removed from an active record. This level of check is available for anyone working in England or Wales.

FAQ: What are spent and unspent convictions?

Who can request basic criminal record checks?

A basic disclosure check can be requested by any organisation wishing to complete their due diligence on employees or volunteers. Furthermore, basic criminal record check can be requested on all roles and is not limited to any industry or sector like standard checks or enhanced checks. We can guide you through the process so you fully understand the requirements and how they can work with your existing procedures. 

How long do Basic DBS checks take?

48 hours is the average return time for online basic DBS. DDC often receive results within two hours once submitted to the DBS and our online platform can ensure that your applications can be completed in minutes. 

Why request Basic DBS checks?

Basic DBS checks give you assurance about the people you are placing into a role. Basic DBS checks are particularly useful where employers have some roles that are not eligible for a Standard (e.g. Financial Services positions) or Enhanced (e.g. working with children) check, but wish to set a policy that all staff and contractors should be pre-employment checked at some level. Requesting a basic DBS check also ensures your organisation adheres to the government standard Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS).

Digital Identity for DBS checks

Get started with Digital Identity for your DBS checks today. Using the DDC ID App, digital identity streamlines the identity checking process for DBS checks making the process more efficient for everyone. Applicants can now use their smart phone to scan and read their chip-enabled British passport, and then use the camera to match the pictures in the document.

To find out more see our Digital Identity page

Why use DDC to process your Basic DBS checks?

Completing a basic disclosure check through a Responsible Organisation like DDC ensures you receive genuine and efficient results. Moreover, DDC will provide you with reassurance that your checks are compliant, through a fully managed service. This saves you time and resource, and here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Quick and free set-up – you can be processing your checks the same day with DDC’s free registration and set-up.
  2. Support and advice – you will have access to DDC’s experienced Customer Service Team providing support advice for all your checks.
  3. Service to suit your needs – with bespoke packages and a flexible system, DDC can accommodate all sectors and organisations.
  4. Secure and reliable – DDC’s system and processes have obtained ISO9001 and ISO27001 accreditation promising you a secure and reliable service.
  5. Single management interface – manage all your checks with a single interface, using our dynamic Client Area.

How do I get a Basic DBS check?

To start processing DBS checks you can register your organisation with DDC for free. We will provide you with support and advice during set-up, and ensure your account settings accommodate your requirements.

Once registered, you will need to provide your applicant’s details to initiate the application – we will handle the rest. A more detailed process can be found on our DBS checks page.

If you are in the process of introducing DBS checks to your onboarding process, visit our page on how to introduce disclosures.

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