This page provides some information for Recruitment Agencies obtaining DBS checks (criminal record checks) for full time or temporary positions. If you have any general questions you may wish to try our DBS FAQ section or contact us directly. Alternatively you can Register Now for DBS Checks online.

DBS checks for Recruitment Agencies

The recruitment agency industry tends to be very fast paced, with positions that need to be filled quickly and Clients who want the best applicants for their role. Why not let DDC take away the stress of obtaining your DBS (criminal record) checks, so you can concentrate on what you are best at? Our bespoke online portal allows you to log-in, enter basic contact details and then we do the rest of the work, sending you an email when the process is completed. We can tailor our system to send you notifications when set stages are complete, so you can track applications and see exactly what we have done to ensure the speedy return of results. All this for as little as £10 per application, which we can even re-charge to the applicant at your request!

If you are looking to Register your organisation with DDC Ltd to request Disclosures on your recruits, why not complete our Registration Page or learn more about our Application Process or Costs. DDC can offer a trial of our system, optional extra services and full support to reduce the resource needed by your team.

Who needs a DBS Check? (Formerly CRB Check)

In general your Client organisation should be able to confirm the level of check that they would normally request. If your organisation is working along side a third party provider such as a Healthcare Provider, NHS Trust, School or Care Home and they have asked you to obtain a check, they can normally advise the level of check they require you to obtain. We have some further Criminal Record Check Sector Specific pages that can provide more guidance.

If you would like to discuss your requirements then you can contact one of the team on 0845 644 3298.

What Level of Check should my recruits have?

Unfortunately there does not exist a list which will tell you exactly what level of check to request, unless it is stipulated by legislation or a governing body (in which case your Client should be able to tell you). The decision to check staff rests with the employing organisation and in the case of recruitment agencies the role where you will be placing an applicant. We can provide all levels of criminal record check so there is always the option to check your recruits. The key to making this decision will be to evaluate the role in two aspects:

  1. What level of Disclosure can you request? – The first aspect is to decide what level of Disclosure you are legally entitled to request, based upon the setting where the applicant will be placed and the potential for contact with vulnerable adults and U18s. To help with this process you can view the current DBS guide to eligibility and some of our webpages relating to Regulated Activity.
  2. What is the appropriate level of check for the job being undertaken? – The second task would be to run a risk assessment on the placement on offer. This should be done in conjunction with your Client organisation and take into account aspects such as; the level of supervision, the control of access (e.g. restricted areas) , the type of contact with children/vulnerable adults (e.g. incidental) and any other safeguarding policies put in place. It is most likely the case that your Client has already done this process, so you can potentially re-use their information.

Once the role has been assessed, you can decide the level of Disclosure to obtain on your recruits. We strongly recommend that you record the Risk Assessment process, or any other Client based requirements to ensure best practice.

How to obtain DBS checks on your staff?

We can open an account for you quickly, there is no registration fee or set-up costs and you could be processing checks today! Our eBulk systems allow the fast and efficient submission of applications to the DBS, with results returned to you via the same electronic channel. If your Recruitment Agency would like to take the work load on themselves, you can register directly with the DBS but there are limitations in that if you process under 1500 checks per year you will only be able to submit paper applications. If your organisation will not be processing more than 100 checks (paper route) or 1500 checks (online route) per year then you will need to Register your organisation with an Umbrella Body such as DDC Ltd rather than going directly to the DBS.

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