This page provides an overview for Recruitment Agencies obtaining DBS (criminal record checks) and pre-employment checks for full time or temporary positions. If you want to get started straight away you can register for free today.

DBS and pre-employment checks for Recruitment Agencies: Simplify the process with DDC

In recruitment, it’s your business to ensure your candidates are a correct fit for the position they’re applying for. Whether you’re recruiting into regulated activity or are focused on making informed employment decisions, DDC can help you check your short-term and long-term employees.

The recruitment agency industry tends to be very fast paced, with positions that need to be filled quickly and clients who want the best applicants for their roles. We, therefore, understand the need to ensure DBS and pre-employment checks are made available quickly and easily. Our wide range of services and packages also aim to help you protect your reputation as you match recruits with your clients.

What type of background checks are used by recruitment agencies?

If you’re a recruitment agency interested in streamlining or upgrading your pre-employment screening processes for your full-time or temporary positions, these checks are an ideal starting point.

DBS checks for Recruitment Agencies

We understand that as a recruitment agency, you want fast and easy-to-manage results to ensure your recruits and clients also have a smooth experience. That is why our online system is designed to manage all of your checks, from one place. Whether you have one office or are recruiting for multiple locations across the country, DDC can help you.

Let DDC ease the burden of obtaining DBS checks for you, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Reference checks for Recruitment Agencies

Professional and independently verified reference checks can assist you in making optimal hiring decisions consistently. These checks can help you verify your candidate’s employment history and provide insight into their character. Never again will you need to chase after referees!

Our reference checking service can save you time, money, and help safeguard your reputation. Learn more about how we can assist you in managing and obtaining references while verifying employment history.

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Cover all your bases with a BPSS check

A BPSS check is widely considered the baseline of pre-employment screening across many industries, which is what makes it ideal for recruitment agencies. This check includes a DBS check, reference checks, an identity check and a right-to-work check offering you and your client organisation peace of mind – Find out more

DDC offers a trial of our system, optional additional services, and full support to reduce the workload for your team. Enquire today to discuss your requirements.

Who needs a DBS Check?

In general your client organisation should be able to confirm the level of check that they require. If your organisation is working along side a third party provider such as a Healthcare Provider, NHS Trust, School or Care Home and they have asked you to obtain a check, they can normally advise the level of check they require you to obtain. We have some further sector specific pages that can provide more guidance.

If you would like to discuss your requirements then you can contact one of the team on 0116 260 3055.

What level of DBS check should my recruits have?

Unfortunately there does not exist a list which will tell you exactly what level of check to request, unless it is stipulated by legislation or a governing body (in which case your Client should be able to tell you). The decision to check staff rests with the employing organisation and in the case of recruitment agencies the role where you will be placing an applicant.

We can provide all levels of criminal record checks so there is always the option to check your recruits. More information on selecting the correct level of check can be found on the DBS checks page.

Getting started – How to obtain pre-employment checks on your staff?

We can open an account for you quickly, there is no registration fee or set-up costs and you could be processing checks today! Our eBulk systems allow the fast and efficient submission of applications to the DBS, with results returned to you via the same electronic channel. 

Why should Recruitment Agencies consider outsourcing their pre-employment checks?

Utilising a pre-employment checking service provider can help speed up the checking process for Recruitment Agencies and make managing multiple applicants hassle-free. A provider can significantly lighten your workload saving you not just time but money.

Additionally, depending on if you chose the right provider, outsourcing your pre-employment checks will make the screening processes simpler for applicants. A pre-employment checking organisation can often provide more insights and advice to applicants struggling or unsure about the process.  

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Why choose DDC for DBS and pre-employment checks

Our bespoke online portal allows you to enter basic contact details of the applicant and then we do the rest of the work, sending you an email when the process is completed. We can tailor our system to send you notifications when set stages are complete, so you can track applications and see exactly what we have done to ensure the speedy return of results.

Here at DDC our expert customer service team is here for both you and your applicants every step of the way. Our clients can rely on us to manage all of their applicants’ questions and concerns, saving them time and resource.

Service to suit your needs – with bespoke packages and a flexible system, DDC can accommodate you and your recruits, whether you have

Single management interface – manage all your checks with a single interface, using our dynamic Client Area.

Value for money – DDC know that keeping costs down is a major consideration for all businesses. For this reason, we are constantly optimising our processes to ensure the value we provide is the best in the industry.

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