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ID Checks

Information on carrying out fully compliant ID validation checks for the DBS's "Route 2" document verification process.

Registered Bodies are required to establish the true identity of a person applying for a DBS check. In order to satisfy this requirement, applicants must provide a range of externally-sourced documents for verification.

DBS Route 2

When requesting a Standard or Enhanced level DBS check, applicants are required to produce documentation in support of their application. The DBS have categorised the documents according to their reliability, and created 3 documentation ‘Routes’ – i.e. acceptable combinations of documents. Applicants must attempt the 3 routes in sequence, with Route 1 as their first choice. Only if Route 1 is unachievable does Route 2 become an option.

  • What documents are required for a criminal record check?

    What documents are required for a criminal record check?

    The documentary requirements when applying for a check depend on the type of check required. Scottish residents applying to join the PVG Scheme are subject to certain requirements, which are detailed on our PVG Scheme page. Basic checks require photocopies of valid documents, which are detailed on our ‘Basic Checks‘ page. The document requirements for Standard and Enhanced Disclosures are more complicated. The DBS have divided documents into 3 broad groups:

    • Primary Trusted Identity Credentials
    • Trusted Government/State Issued Documents
    • Financial/Social History Documents

    There are 3 ‘routes’ for choosing documents to present in support of an application. Applicants must attempt to follow the 3 different ‘routes’ in sequence i.e. Route 1 is the default route for all applicants. If Route 1 fails because the applicant does not possess the necessary documents, then Route 2 must be followed. If Route 2 fails, then the applicant can follow Route 3. If Route 3 fails, the applicant must report to a local Police Station for fingerprinting. Full guidance is provided by the DBS and is summarised on our ‘Documentation Required‘ page.

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As part of Route 2, an applicant has to undergo an independent 3rd party ‘Identity Verification Check’ or ‘ID Check’. An external ID validation check is an additional way of verifying the identity of an applicant. It involves the Registered Body providing an applicant’s details (as presented on the application form) to a pre-approved Identity Checking supplier, who will compare the data provided by the applicant, against a range of independent, external data sources. DDC have partnered with Experian Ltd to provide this service.

  • Why do DDC use Experian Ltd for conducting ID checks?

    Why do DDC use Experian Ltd for conducting ID checks?

    Experian are a well-established information management company, and have access to a large number of datasets. This means more data is available to validate against, so the higher the pass rate. Experian have been recognised by the DBS as providing an identity validation service tailored to the specific needs of the DBS ‘Route 2’ identity validation pathway. DDC conducted a review of all organisations that offer ID checks to the level required by the DBS. We felt Experian had the best depth and breadth of data and provided a very good understanding of the DBS’s requirements.

    The ID check offered by Experian is not a credit check, and at no time do DDC or the Disclosure recipient have access to credit data.

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External ID validation check requirements for DBS checks

When using Route 2, along with a number of identity documents, the DBS require an ID validation check which satisfies certain criteria.

An ID validation must:

  • Comply with the standards set out in Level 2 (remote) of ‘HMG’s Minimum Requirements for the Verification of the Identity of Individuals/Version 2.0/January 2003’.
  • Provide a straightforward PASS/FAIL result (some suppliers may return a score or a percentage, neither of which are acceptable).
  • Provide a hard copy or printable result page.

DDC have a developed an online system to allow Registered Bodies and Umbrella Bodies to complete this requirement. Our system is fully compliant with the DBS guidelines and uses Experian as the data provider. Experian ensure the check is aligned to the LEVEL 2 (Remote) standard. The check will return a PASS/FAIL result with a reference number and date to identify the check. A printable hard-copy of the result is available and this is also stored by us online, so it can be accessed at any time.