For Registered Bodies

We can provide ID checks for registered bodies who are required to obtain a 3rd party check.

External ID validation checks for the DBS’s “Route 2”

DDC Ltd offers a quick and easy-to-use service for CRB/DBS Registered Bodies who wish to obtain external ID verification checks in line with the DBS’s document checking guidelines. Existing Clients who use DDC’s umbrella body service for DBS checks have the ID checking service built into the process. This section give details about the background, the process and the costs for Registered and Umbrella Bodies looking to use the ID checking service.

We offer a range of competitively priced packages to suit all sizes of organisation. DDC cater for those expecting to only use a small number of checks in addition to organisations expecting to verify the ID of hundreds or thousands. There is no ‘registration fee’ and a minimum commitment of only 5 checks. The service DDC offer is specifically for registered bodies to obtain the external ID validation check required to go down the DBS’s “Route 2” for the identity checking process for their applications.

Features and Benefits using DDC’s ID verification service:

  • Simple online user interface
  • 100% Experian data sets
  • Fully compliant with the DBS’s external ID validation guidelines
  • Printable results page
  • Authenticates to Level 2 (remote) as detailed in HMG’s Minimum Requirements.
  • Quick set-up, less than 24 hours
  • Free registration for DBS Registered Bodies
  • Personal Client Area
  • Full reporting capabilities

The system uses a simple, user friendly interface that has been well proven in our Umbrella Body service and is easy to use from day one. If you feel the process fits with what you are looking for, you will need to register here and we will contact you to finalise the account details. There is no registration fee and this does not tie you into a fixed term contract. You can also find our terms and conditions on the registration page at

How it Works

Drawing on 10 years of experience of working with the DBS and processing checks on behalf of a large client base, DDC have established a quick and easy to use external ID verification service for other Registered Bodies.

On registering, the client is given a username & password access to their personal online Client Area. Here they can request new ID checks by simply inputting the applicant’s name, address and date of birth, plus any data specific for their own needs, such as location, cost centre or requester name. The client area offers a range of search and sort facilities and provides users with the means to view all recent activity.

The results are displayed as pass or fail, with a unique number and issue date (similar to a Disclosure). Being secure, the record of the check remains visible for at least 3 years, although clients can print hard copies when needed.

During working hours, DDC aims to have the ID check result returned within 1 hour of the request.

Should additional users be required on the account, these can be set up by the main user in the Client Area. The process is very simple and allows the system to email the new user a username and password to get them up and running immediately.  The main user manages this process and has the functionality to reset passwords, create new users and remove existing users. There is no limit to the number of additional users and there is no additional cost for this service.

The main account user can see all the applicants and results of checks which have been put through from all the account users as well as their own. This is similar to a superuser role. The additional account users can only see the applicants and results of checks they put on the system themselves. Includes our system details, registration links and the ability to set up new users etc.