ID Check Costs

Our pricing structure and prices for ID Checks.

With the requirement to undertake external ID verification checks being a recent DBS amendment, many RB’s are unsure how many applications will reach this stage. This will vary depending on the industry sector and in our experience this is below 1% of applicants. Consequently DDC’s pricing model does not require any registration fee or minimum commitment.

Clients can buy prepaid bundles of ID checks to submit applicant details. You will be notified how any checks are remaining after each check is processed and when these have been used up so another pack can be purchased. To accommodate smaller RB’s and keep prices down, the entry package is only 5 checks.

Bundle size

Price (ex. VAT)

Price per check

5 Checks


25 Checks


50 checks


100 checks


Check for DDC’s DBS applicants

(for DBS applications processed through DDC which
do not satisfy the Route 1 identity conditions so follow Route 2)



For larger RB’s who submit thousands of DBS checks per annum, DDC can offer an invoice account, subject to volume verification with the DBS and credit checks.

To start using the DDC service to process external ID validation checks please go to the registration page and complete the simple form.

If you would like to discuss which package suits you best, what your organisation needs, or require more information, please contact DDC Ltd on 0845 644 3298 or visit our enquiry page.