A sample of a DBS Certificate

About Disclosures

Disclosures are the final result of criminal record checks. This page provides some information on the document and its proper use.

“Disclosures” are documents issued by either the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) or Disclosure Scotland that contain information regarding an individuals criminal history. The information contained on a Disclosure is provided by the Police or a number of other government departments.

It is intended that the document is used by employers to make safer recruitment decisions. A Disclosure can therefore be used to verify an individual’s response to the question “Do you have a criminal record?”

Disclosures can contain information regarding an individual’s criminal record, including spent and unspent convictions, whether a person is listed on an children’s or adult’s barring list. The Disclosure may also contain any other information that a local police force or government body feel is relevant. Disclosures that are requested on individuals that have no criminal record will confirm that fact.

All basic-level Disclosures (except NI) are issued by Disclosure Scotland. Standard and Enhanced Disclosures requested by English employers are issued by the DBS. Standard, Enhanced and PVG checks for Scottish residents are issued by Disclosure Scotland. In 2012 the Protection of Freedoms Bill was passed by Parliament. This had a number of clauses relating to the issuing of Disclosures, one of which was to merge the previously independent bodies of the CRB and ISA into a single non-departmental Government body to be known as the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).


Disclosure Summary Table:

Information Included: Basic
Unspent Convictions Y Y Y
Spent Convictions N Y Y
Cautions N Y Y
Inclusion on children’s lists (where relevant to role) N N Y
Inclusion on adult’s lists (where relevant to role) N N Y


The DBS will only issue a single Disclosure Certificate direct to the applicant as their personal information. The employer will then need to request that the applicant presents this Certificate, to confirm if and what the content is. Using eBulk the Registered Body will be told if there is content on the Certificate (but not what that content is). Our system is designed to inform the named Recipient if and when a Disclosure has content, to make the process of viewing it as easy as possible. As an additional service we can obtain this for Clients and securely relay the information to the named Recipient.

*Please note the Disclosure types are subject to the ‘Filtering Rules’ as introduced by legislation on the 28th May 2013.