DBS checks for Physiotherapists

DDC offers a streamlined DBS checking process. Our online system is customisable to meet the unique needs of your physiotherapy practice & staff, ensuring a smooth and efficient pre-employment screening process.

As physiotherapy practices often work closely with vulnerable individuals, it’s crucial to conduct thorough DBS checks to ensure the safety and well-being of patients. Our system facilitates this by providing a user-friendly platform for both employers and applicants.

Oour dedicated customer service team is available to assist you and your applicants at every step of the process. Whether you have questions about the application process or need assistance interpreting the results, our knowledgeable team is here to help.

With DDC, you can trust that your DBS checking process will be handled with professionalism, efficiency, and attention to detail. Giving you peace of mind knowing that your practice is compliant with regulations and committed to safeguarding vulnerable individuals.

Contact us now to arrange a trial of our system and discover the wide range of additional services we offer to reduce the workload for your team including our digital identity service.

For individuals seeking a check through the Physio First Vetting and Barring Scheme, please visit the ‘Physio First Application Portal’.

Who requires a DBS Check?

In most instances, the employer determines which job roles require a check and at what level. If your organisation collaborates with a third-party provider like an NHS Trust or Healthcare Provider who has requested a check, they can usually advise you on the required level of check.

Some of the more common roles that are checked include:

  • Physiotherapist
  • Practice Manager
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Orthotist
  • Prosthetist
  • Administrative staff
  • Medical Secretaries
  • On-site Medical Engineers

More than just DBS checks – Reference checks for physiotherapists and practice staff

When bringing new staff into your practice, it’s essential to prioritise thorough background screening checks.

DDC provides professional and independent verification of references, empowering your organisation to make well-informed hiring decisions confidently. Our reference checking service not only saves you time and money but also helps safeguard your reputation. With our reference checking service, you’ll never again need to chase a referee again. Discover how we can assist you in efficiently managing and obtaining references while verifying employment history.

DDC offers a range of other pre-employment checks, including Right to Work verification and social media screening. Learn more about how our comprehensive suite of services can support your hiring process and ensure the integrity and suitability of your new hires.

What Level of DBS check should my staff have?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a definitive list that dictates the precise level of check based solely on an employee’s job title. Typically, individuals directly involved in healthcare for children and/or adults are eligible for the enhanced level check, which encompasses a review of the pertinent barring list(s). It falls upon the employer to decide whether to conduct checks on staff, taking into account any sector-specific guidance provided. Evaluating the role entails considering two key aspects:

  1. What level of Disclosure can you request? – The first aspect is to determine the level of Disclosure based on the setting and potential contact with vulnerable adults and/or children. To assist in this process, you can consult the current DBS guide to eligibility and our relevant webpages on Regulated Activity.
  2. What is the appropriate level of DBS check for the job being undertaken? – The second step is to conduct a risk assessment of the job role. Considering factors such as supervision level, access control (e.g., restricted areas), the nature of contact with children/vulnerable adults (e.g., incidental/supervised), and any implemented safeguarding policies.

Once the role has been assessed, you can decide on the appropriate level of Disclosure to obtain for your staff. We strongly advise documenting this Risk Assessment process to ensure best practices. If you have received external guidance from a healthcare provider, it is recommended to keep a record of that information as well.

DBS checks for Physiotherapists and  physiotherapy practices – Register for free today 

Safe, secure and reliable DBS checks for Physiotherapists working in Physiotherapy Practices or on a NHS/Hospital site. If you have any general questions you may wish to try our DBS FAQ section or contact us directly.

How to obtain DBS checks on your staff?

You can register with an Umbrella Body such as DDC to obtain DBS checks for your staff. We can promptly establish an account for you, with no registration fee or setup costs involved, allowing you to commence processing checks right away! Our fully managed online systems enable swift and efficient submission of applications to the DBS.

Our online platform is accessible 24/7, ensuring convenience for both clients and applicants. Whether using laptops, tablets, or smartphones, users can easily access the system to initiate and track the progress of checks.

Self-employed Physiotherapist obtaining DBS checks

If you’re a self-employed physiotherapist, you might have been requested to undergo a DBS check or advised to obtain one. However, you cannot obtain a standard or enhanced  a DBS check on yourself as you require an authoritative body or ’employer’ to endorse you. Particularly in cases where inappropriate content might be present on your Certificate.

Even though you’re self-employed, the physiotherapy practice where you work can request a DBS check on you. You may also be responsible for covering the cost of the check, which is acceptable. The practice should adhere to the guidance provided above and register accordingly. Numerous membership organisations are available to assist in facilitating the check through an Umbrella Body like DDC. Simply reach out to them or put them in contact with us for further assistance.

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