It has been commonplace for some time that new employees undergo Social Media checks in addition to the more traditional checks such as DBS, employment references and credit checks.

DDC offer a range of compliant Adverse Media and Social Media checks as part of a wider employee background screening. DDC’s Social Media checks are a great way to identify candidates who fit into the organisations culture and who respect company policies relating to social media, confidentiality, and online brand.

What is a Social Media check?

Social Media checks identify a candidate’s online presence to look for negative behaviours such as bullying, racism, nudity and excessive bad language. It also identifies potential privacy issues, such as leaking information, and content that could potentially damage your organisation’s reputation.

Social Media checks also look at affiliations with proscribed organisations and groups linked to violence or extremism and how widely a candidate is connected. The risks posed by their connections, and any endorsement of illegal activity such as drugs, theft, weapons and fraud are all presented in a final report. Allowing you, the employer, to make an informed and objective decision.

Our professional Social Media check does this all in a fully compliant, and objective way. So that you can ensure that the report you get back from us can be used, alongside our other services, to identify any potential risks with the candidate.

In-house Social Media checks

Some employers may already do some kind of online social media search. Research shows that over 90% of employers admit to carrying out a ‘search’ before or after interviewing a candidate. These searches are not only time-consuming, but they are also unlikely to be reliable and may well fall foul of GDPR. Social Media checks need to be carried out in a compliant, fair and objective way. 

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Why do Social Media checks?

If you don’t already carry them out, you’re probably aware that many employers now do this. As people conduct more of their lives on social media, it can offer a unique insight into an individual, helping with the screening process.

A professional social media check can reduce risks to brand, reputation, confidentiality breach and data security. Perhaps even more importantly, can give you additional information about an individual that our other checks can’t. Social media checks fill that gap and help assess behaviour and integrity.

Why choose DDC for your Social Media checks?

DDC’s Social Media check uses sophisticated searching tools and techniques to accurately locate information quickly and compliantly. By using a compliant service, you can implement a fair and legal online search into your pre-employment screening process without the risk of breaching any UK legislation.

The search goes far beyond the most recognised sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The search includes hundreds of individual websites and millions of web pages to assess an individual’s online cognitive style across a vast digital footprint in which an individual may have constructed a public profile.

The final reports are completely objective with no consideration or weighting given to protected characteristics. DDC protects you, the employer, from any accusation of discrimination or bias by ensuring you remain compliant throughout the recruitment process. Alleviating the temptation to carry out web searches on applicants which can violate an individual’s privacy.

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