Qualification and professional membership checks

Qualification and Professional Membership Checks

When valid qualifications high on your requirements or you're in a profession that requires employees to be members of a regulatory body.

What are Qualification and professional membership checks?

Qualification and professional membership checks verify the legitimacy and standing of your candidate’s qualification and/or professional membership with the relevant regulatory bodies and authorities.

If the roles your organisation is hiring for require a set minimum standard of education or specific professional memberships, these checks are ideal to obtain a result you can trust.

Qualification checks can:

Establish the validity of qualifications and memberships listed in job applications.

Authenticate the award title and the qualifying institution matches.

Confirm the resultant level attained and the date it was achieved.

Save time by verifying the candidate’s qualifications they have achieved and membership to a professional or technical body, with DDC’s pre-employment screening service.

Qualification checks

Verify a candidate’s education history directly with institutions and authorities.

DDC’s qualification checks verifies the legitimacy of the highest level of qualification achieved. Including, dates of education, type of qualification, subject studied and the level obtained.

Professional membership checks

Confirm if an applicant is officially registered with any required professional bodies or membership organisations. Common membership organisations include:

  • HCPC
  • FCA
  • GMS
  • SRA
  • SIA
  • CQC

Why complete qualification checks?

Sufficient qualifications are an important metric for a variety of roles and in some cases, applicants will not be eligible for certain positions without them. Confirming the legitimacy of an applicant’s qualifications is pivotal in ensuring the education displayed on the applicant’s CV is accurate and genuine.

Conducting a qualification check can give you the assurance you need to make the best and safest hiring decisions for your organisation.

  • Save time and resources – We know that the verification process can be time-consuming, so by leaving it to us our expert team can deliver accurate pre-employment reports verifying your candidate’s qualifications.
  • Take the guesswork out of qualification checks and lean on reliable and verified information to ensure your candidates are truly qualified for the job.
  • Protect your business and its reputation from illegitimate qualifications.

Why complete professional membership checks?

Completing a professional membership check directly with a suitable membership organisation will protect your business from any underqualified individuals. In many sectors, regulatory bodies will screen individuals upon entry into the profession to ensure they are fit and proper to work as a professional within the industry. Therefore, it is vital to ensure applicants are registered with the relevant profession to uphold standards and reputation as well protecting your clients and customers.

Why use DDC for your qualification and professional membership checks?

All qualification and professional membership applications are completed and managed on our flexible, easy-to-use customer interface. Applicants simply input their details, we investigate through our in-depth evidence-based screening process and you receive a fully compliant pre-employment report including any required evidence.

Processing qualification checks has never been more straightforward.

  • Independent verification – DDC will contact the professional body directly and verify any third parties used. You can be assured that the check will be thorough and accurate.
  • Discrepancy investigation – DDC is committed to compliance so we ensure that any discrepancies are investigated and recorded.
  • Comprehensive pre-employment report – Once all the checks are complete, a final pre-employment report is available to access within your online ‘client area’.

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Additional services

In addition to qualification and professional membership checks, DDC also offers a range of other pre-employment checks. All checks can be requested at once and include:

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