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Getting started

Here is some basic information that you can read prior to using the system. This will give you a general overview of the process and how to get your Church up and running, with the online DBS system. This will be supplemented by the Quick Start Guide. For those Churches that do not have access to the internet please see the Paper process pages or for Churches in Scotland please see the PVG application process. If you are looking for information on the processes for minsters and AALP, please see the minister and AALP application guidance.

Obtain your log-in information.

The United Reformed Church has provided DDC with a list of those currently authorised to access the system. This list is updated periodically by the United Reformed Church once the approved process had been followed for making changes to Church personnel. Once you have your log-in details please click on log-in at the top right of this page, or follow the link in the email. From here you can access your own Client Area to start requesting the checks. DDC can offer a tutorial on using the system or if you would prefer you can wait for your first applicant and then call DDC who will go through the first check with you.

The process

The process will follow the general 5 steps as outlined below. However the DDC systems are very flexible and can accommodate different ways the Verifiers may wish to carry out some of the processes involved. If you have any specific queries please let the friendly DDC Customer Support Team know, when they contact you to set-up your account. For those without an email address or access to a computer alternative arrangements have been made to enable either logging on or sending application packs to DDC.

Step 1: Request the application. To start the process of you will need the basic contact details of the applicant (name/email address/telephone number) which you can enter onto the simple online request form. You will then choose from a list of job roles pre-loaded to the system which will decide the type/level of check to use. Pressing ‘submit’ will send the email to the applicant to start the process, it’s that easy!

Step 2: Applicant completes the form. The applicant will receive an email from DDC, with log-in details for their online form. Form information will be completed and the applicant will need to nominate the documents they want to use, that meet the DBS requirements for checking identity.

Step 3: Check the applicant’s identity documents. The applicant will produce their original ID documents to the named Church Verifier, who can log-in to verify them. This is an easy process with the online system asking a series of multiple choice questions to make sure all the information has been entered correctly. There is plenty of guidance on screen on how to check an ID document so verifiers feel supported all the way through.

Step 4: Submit. Press submit; it’s that easy! Once all the documents have been checked a submit button will appear which allows you to send all the information securely through to DDC. They will do the rest of the work to send it to the DBS, and track it to ensure they return it as soon as possible.

Step 5: Wait for the confirmation email. DDC will email you once the process is finished, to let you know that the Certificate has been issued and that it is on its way to the applicant. There is no need to see the applicant’s Certificate. If you want to check on the progress of the application you can log-in to take a look at which stage it is at.