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When can I use the paper application process?

The paper application process can be used where the Verifier does not have access to the internet, to log-in to the online Client Area. If you have access but not an email address we can post you your log-in details so you can still complete the process online. We will also provide a tutorial on using the system, as well as on-going support at every stage of the process.

Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) applications in Scotland can only be submitted on the individually marked PVG Forms, as there is no online submission tool. This means all PVG applications will need to be completed using one of the two different types of form that Disclosure Scotland produce (an Existing PVG Scheme Member form or an application to join the PVG Scheme form). These forms can still be requested, managed and tracked using the online system, however the information must be sent to DDC using the paper forms. For more information on requesting PVG checks in Scotland please read the United Reformed Church PVG process page.

How will the paper application process work?

Any Verifier choosing a completely paper application process should read the Paper Quick Start Guide for an overview of how the process will be completed. As a general outline the Verifier will need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1 – Provide the applicant with a pack containing an application form, guidance on the DBS/Disclosure Scotland document requirements, a return envelope and a Verifier Identification Check Sheet

Step 2 – Ensure the applicant completes the required documentation and returns them with their original identity documents

Step 3 – Check that those identity documents relate to the applicant, represent a true likeness, are valid and fit for purpose

Step 4 – Send all forms and copies of the identity documents to DDC Ltd in the envelope provided

Step 5 – Contact DDC to confirm if the Certificate has been issued (this should be returned in 2 – 4 weeks from submission to the DBS/Disclosure Scotland).

What are the advantages of the online system?

We strongly recommend that all applications are submitted online as this is by far the quickest and most secure method of application. If the applicant does not have an email address or access to a computer they can still submit an online application if they provide their details to the Church Secretary/Verifier.

Since 2012 the DBS have offered eBulk which is a service linked with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) communications systems, to allow the secure submission of information directly to the DBS. When a paper application is sent to DDC we will transfer the information to eBulk to send it securely to the DBS. Click here if you would like to read more about the DBS eBulk system.