What is BS7858 screening?

BS7858 is a pre-employment checking standard published by The British Standards Institution which gives recommendations for the screening of individuals. Originally aimed at those working in security, the most recent publication widens the scope for any employee working in a secure environment. The BS7858 security screening standard outlines the controls in place to enable organisations to obtain sufficient information about an individual to make an informed decision on their employability.

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Who should carry out BS7858 security screening?

The BS7858 screening can be completed for any role but has a particular emphasis on those where the security and/or safety of property, data, people or goods is a requirement. DDC support clients with BS7858 screening in multiple industries including:

  • Facilities Management
  • Finance
  • Civil servants
  • Security
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Technology

The BS7858 standard applies to all relevant employment whether full-time, part-time or the screening of contractors.

What checks are required for BS7858 screening?

Organisations should complete the following checks during the screening process:

At DDC, we can support you with all the checks required for your BS7858 screening. Once complete, a report is available to evidence the checks completed to include in your screening or personnel file.

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What other checks are recommended?

In addition to the core checks outlined above, BS7858 guidance also suggests a social media check which provides greater insights and reduces risk.

Read more about how DDC can support you with social media checks.

If you require additional checks, we can support you with tailored packages. These checks can be requested on an ad-hoc basis when required, all through the same online portal. We make the requesting of individual checks or packages of checks as easy as possible. Additional checks available include:

Digital Identity for BS7858 screening

As a government certified identity service provider (IDSP), our digital identity service can help speed up your BS7858 screening checks. Digital identity supports the identity checking for DBS and right to work checks by using document scanning and facial recognition technology.  This means that organisations can now complete identity checks without having to verify the original documents in person while remaining compliant.

More information can be found on our digital identity page.

How can DDC support your BS7858 screening requirements?

Whether you need support with one or all of the core elements of BS7858 screening, we can help you with an all-encompassing online platform. Using our innovative technology, which includes risk minimisation and fraud detection tools, you can rest assured that you are BS7858 compliant. Our team of experienced Case Workers are trained to spot inconsistencies and potential fraud to ensure you have all the information available to make an informed employment decision.

Why choose DDC?

Quick and free set-up – you can be processing your checks the same day with DDC’s free registration and set-up.

Support and advice – you will have access to DDC’s experienced Customer Service Team providing support advice for all your checks.

Service to suit your needs – with bespoke packages and a flexible system, DDC can accommodate all sectors and organisations.

Secure and reliable – DDC’s system and processes have obtained ISO9001 and ISO27001 accreditation promising you a secure and reliable service.

Single management interface – manage all your checks with a single interface, using our dynamic Client Area.

If you should need any further reasons to choose DDC, then please visit our Testimonials page to read what our clients have said about the services we have provided previously.

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