Who needs a DBS or CRB check?

October 18th, 2013 by Matt Tuckey

This is amongst one of the most common questions that we get asked from people who are new to CRB checks (now called DBS checks), who needs a CRB check? Unfortunately there is no exhaustive list of occupations or positions that are required to have or need a CRB/DBS check. Instead the Disclosure and Barring Service have created a list of Category Codes which gives guidance to employers about the legislation in place to allow them to request a check. This does include some specified roles covered by a general heading such as ‘Legal Executive’ or ‘Healthcare Professional’. However, there is large scope for some of the job role groups included, for example ‘Any position which otherwise involves regularly caring for, training, supervising or being solely in charge of children’ would be eligible for an Enhanced Level DBS check.

This list can be found on the DBS website.

For many employers, it is up to them to run a risk assessment on the employment position and decide if a DBS Disclosure is necessary, and then ensure that they are legally allowed to ask about the relevant conviction information. The general guidance from the Disclosure and Barring Service is that where a check is mandatory an employer should consult their relevant industry authority. For example the CQC or DfE.

If you’re not sure if your employees are eligible you can contact one of the DDC team for more information and to discuss your options.

Many of our Clients are informed by third parties such as Local Authorities or Housing Associations that they must obtain a DBS check to meet contract requirements.  As an organisation we always recommend that the reason for the check be confirmed with this third party, to ensure that the correct level is requested and correct results returned. If you have any documents why not pass these on to a fully trained Countersignatory who can help you with the decision?

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