Registered Bodies

Take the pressure off by outsourcing the process, gain the benefits of using electronic data transfer (eBulk) or just looking for additional information.

At DDC, we have been submitting our applications electronically via e-Bulk since the system was first introduced by the DBS.

We have developed a robust and secure proprietary IT infrastructure to handle high volumes of submissions and all data is kept on our own system. We have also successfully passed every audit undertaken by the DBS and we are fully ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 certified (UKAS).

It is now, more than ever, beneficial to submit applications electronically to the DBS. Organisations are looking to recruit new employees as quickly as possible and reduce delays in the process. The DBS check is one that can extend this process time and delay putting the employee into the post.

The biggest advantage to submitting the application electronically is getting notified when the Disclosure has been issued. With the DBS issuing a single Disclosure and to the applicant only, all the emphasis is put on that applicant to produce their Disclosure to you or a member of your team. Submitting applications electronically through DDC means you are told immediately that the Disclosure has been issued. This saves time and saves chasing applicants because you already know the status of the application.

Electronic submission speeds the process up compare to submitting applications via a paper form in a number of other ways. There are no postage delays, nor errors or returned forms or waiting for a Disclosure to be brought to you. You are fully aware of the status of all applications which are tracked through the whole process.

If you are a DBS ‘Registered Body’ currently using a paper-based process, you may wish to outsource the data-entry and submission component of your Disclosure process to DDC. We are able to offer a full integration with your current process, including cooperation with any existing information security policies and processes you many operate. We are also able to offer Service Level Agreements, to guarantee performance.

Once registered, you will have full access to our online account overview interface, so you can track applications as they are completed and passed to us for countersigning, before being submitted to the DBS. You can also have account credit, so your payments can be consolidated into a single monthly payment. If you are interested in this service please call us on the number shown at the top of the page, and we will be able to discuss your requirements.

If you are only interested in the ‘Route 2’ ID checks part of our process, we are also able to offer ID validations using Experian’s officially recognised datasets. Visit our ID Check pages to find out more.