As a HR Manager, you will be aware of the need to process DBS applications in an efficient and cost effective way. At DDC Ltd. we pride ourselves on the ability to provide excellent value for money, with an end-to-end system designed to simplify your workflow.

We specialise in the deployment of DBS checking processes in large organisations with both centralised HR hubs or smaller distributed HR teams. Our system is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate your organisational structure and operational needs, while keeping a simple user interface.

Some features and benefits to larger organisations are:

  • Multiple accounts under one Parent Group to match your structure.
  • Multi-users available to spread workload.
  • Super-user access to overview all accounts.
  • Specific HR information is separated so you only get involved when needed to save time.
  • Day to day administration can be assigned.
  • Consolidated invoicing broken down to identify your cost centres.

Our online applicant area and management overview are complemented by comprehensive support documentation and in-page assistance. This means that your applicants will be able to complete the form without unnecessary delay, and your staff will be available to work when you need them.

DDC Ltd. operate a fully ISO certified Information Security Management System (ISMS) and Quality Management System (QMS), allowing us to quantify our performance. With these two systems in place, you can be sure that all possible effort is being put into developing and improving our system, and that all of your data is being handled in a secure manner.

For more specifics on the process and how using DDC will benefit you go to our Criminal Record Checks section. You can view our section on HR guidance for more information about implementing DBS Checks or PVG checks within your organisation. Our step by step guide allows you to put the correct policies in place and introduce DBS checks quickly and efficiently.  If you have any specific requirements you can contact of the team on 0845 644 3298.