How do I get a criminal record checked?

March 14th, 2013 by Jonathan Bazely

The process for obtaining a Disclosure document is relatively straightforward, and involves 6 general steps:

  1. Decide which level of check the applicant requires.
  2. Complete the correct disclosure application form (online or paper).
  3. Present the form and supporting documents to an authorised individual, who will check the details.
  4. Submit the form to the DBS or Disclosure Scotland. Higher level checks require the signature of a registered ‘Countersignatory’ prior to submission.
  5. A Disclosure document will be issued by the DBS or Disclosure Scotland.
  6. The Certificate issued must then be evaluated by the person providing the employment e.g. a local manager.

There are various methods for completing these steps, and the exact process is dependent on the applicant’s circumstances, such as the supporting documents available and the industry sector. DDC can help to streamline your application process, and can take over all administrative responsibility, so errors are avoided and turnaround time is reduced. To get started, you may wish to visit our ‘About Disclosures‘ page, to decide which level of check is right for you.

If you are an individual looking to obtain a check upon yourself please click here (this includes sole proprietors and self-employed people).

If you would like to request checks upon your staff why not Register your organisation with us.

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