Why Carry Out DBS Checks in Nurseries

Having registered your nursery, you should have carried out a check with OFSTED. If not, please go to the OFSTED homepage. There you will be provided with all the guidance required to obtain your initial DBS check that OFSTED will request as part of the Registration Process.

You will then need to decide who to run additional DBS checks on as part of your Safeguarding Policy and using the legislative guidance on the legislation.gov website (The School Staffing Regulations and subsequent amendments will provide more information).

All staff who are involved in regulated activity with the children (please read our pages for more information on Regulated Activity with children ), should be considered. This is likely to include:

  • Nursery Teachers
  • Nursery Assistants
  • Carers
  • Lunch-time Supervisors
  • Admin Staff
  • Play Workers
  • Volunteer Helpers
  • Nursery Employed Cleaners
  • Nursery Employed Caretakers

An appropriate enhanced level check would confirm if these people have criminal convictions (spent or unspent), are barred from working with children or of concern to the police. This allows you to make a decision as to their suitability to work in your nursery. Further guidance about making employment decisions is available at /help-advice/dbs-checkfaqs/. This process will assist you in helping to keep your children safe.