The Little Things Make your Life Easier

Due Diligence Checking (DDC) is a premium service provider and we look to undertake as much work for you as possible, to give you maximum value for money. Some of the work we do is highlighted below, by answering some common questions about recruitment and safeguarding checks.

How long does it take to get a Disclosure?

Disclosure turnaround times vary according to several factors. Firstly, the applicant must complete the form, and have the details verified. Depending on the service opted for, this could include postal times, or documentation queries that need to be answered. Secondly, the application data needs to be sent to the DBS. This is usually done via online submission be can done with a paper form. Online submission is a lot faster, but is only available to ‘e-Bulk‘ registered organisations, such as DDC. Thirdly, the DBS need to process the application and consult various databases and police forces. Finally, once the application has been processed, the Disclosure needs to be printed by the DBS and sent to the relevant recipients. Checks submitted online receive electronic notification of Disclosures being issued which speeds the process up.

All this means that the turnaround time can range from 2 hours to several weeks. The national average is approximately 11 days for an Enhanced Disclosure submitted electronically, although this figure can vary significantly. At DDC we endeavour maximise processing speeds and you can contact us to confirm our current average turn-around time. You can also view our ‘Service Objectives‘ page to read more.

Do applicants have to send DDC their documents?

No. We have an online service that allows applicants to present their original documents to one of your team for checking. You add their name and contact details to our system to start the process. The applicant will complete an online form and then bring their documents to you to check. This is a really easy system with full guidance provided, and simple on-screen questions.

However, if you wish to use our paper service then you can choose for us to check the original document for you.

What can I show OFSTED when they inspect my nursery?

OFSTED advise that they do not need to see the original Disclosure Certificate that was issued by the Disclosure and Barring Service, but need to see evidence that a check was carried out at the time of employment. The DDC Client Area has been built to provide the information they require.  This is through the ‘Manage Applications’ section of your very own ‘Client Area’.

Clients can print off a specifically designed “Preview Disclosure Notice” of the check that was requested. This can be kept with other personnel files.

How do I know when to recheck existing staff?

We can tailor your account to match any recheck policies you have within your nursery, to ensure your staff Disclosures are kept up to date. We will email you a list of applicants that are due for a recheck. At the account set-up stage you can specify how often you want to recheck applicants, and the notice period you would prefer (in months).

What happens if my employee does not have sufficient documents?

We can assist you and the applicant in trying to identify suitable documents. If they can not locate sufficient documents, we may be able to carry out an ID check through Experian, on your behalf. If this is not successful or not available to a given applicant, we can use a fingerprint identification route. (This is usually as a last resort).

Can I easily transfer the DBS information to my electronic personnel file?

Yes, you can run a number reports to assist you giving the data you require. This can feed into to a HR platform or database tool that you currently use. All reports can be emailed to you as CSV files that can be easily accessed through most spreadsheet programmes.

I have already checked some staff. Can I record this?

If you wish to keep all your DBS information in one place, you can add existing Disclosure information to our system. These employees would then be included in any recheck notifications to meet your recheck policies.