How to obtain DBS checks for your nursery staff

The process for obtaining DBS checks for your Nursery Staff is easy. Once an account has been opened for you (you can choose from Online or Paper applications) you can start to add applications to the system immediately. If you require more information, see our website for ‘Getting Started‘ or call one of the team to discuss on 0845 644 3298.

Simple Process Overview

Once an application has been initiated, DDC will manage the process from end to end. This includes reminder calls to applicants, help with queries, updates on progress and emails to advise when a disclosure has been issued. The DBS certificate is posted directly to the applicants home address.

The account you have access to provides live status information so you can see exactly where an application is and when it has been completed. When completed, the system will display the Disclosure number and issue date. You will have the option to print off a ‘Preview Disclosure Notice’ to keep with the individuals personnel files if required. If the check discloses any ‘Content’ (criminal information) on a Certificate, you will be informed of this via email and you can indicate when an employment decision has been made using the website.

To open an account with DDC please go to ‘Register Now‘ at the top of the page and complete the short registration form. An agent will call you back to discuss your specific needs and an account can be opened for you the very same day. Its as simple as that and its FREE!

If you have any general questions before opening an account feel free to call one of the team on 0845 644 3298 or use our ‘contact DDC’ page.

Other Useful Links

In order to help you further with decisions you may need to make or for more information, we have included some useful links that you may find helpful.