How long does it take to get a Disclosure?

March 14th, 2013 by Jonathan Bazely

Disclosure turnaround times vary according to several factors. The national average is approximately 14 days for an Enhanced Disclosure, although this figure can vary significantly. When evaluating the total time taken to obtain a DBS Certificate it is important to look at each stage of the process. Firstly the applicant must complete the form, and have the details verified. Depending on the service opted for, this could include postal delays, or documentation queries that need to be answered. Secondly, the application data needs to be sent to the DBS or Disclosure Scotland. This can be done with a paper form, or via online submission. Online submission tends to be faster, but is only available to ‘e-Bulk‘ registered organisations, such as DDC. Thirdly, the DBS or Disclosure Scotland need to process the application and consult various databases and police forces. Finally, once the application has been processed, the Disclosure needs to be printed and sent to the relevant recipients.

Therefore, the turnaround time can range from 1 working day to several months in exceptional cases. At DDC we endeavor to monitor and control our processing speeds and you can contact us to confirm our current average turn-around time. You can also view our ‘Service Objectives‘ page to read more.

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