Some top tips for Tracking DBS Check Applications

January 27th, 2014 by Jonathan Bazely

The DBS have announced that there are still delays with applications at the Local Police Forces (LPFs) due to the legislation changes made back in June 2013. For an update on the LPF performances in your area please click here.

For an update on the status of an application and our attempts to expedite the return of results, Clients can view their Client Area. Please note that a majority of applications processed by DDC Ltd are returned very quickly so there is no need to contact the DBS or LPFs to confirm progress. Accordingly not all applications will show a log of contacts with the DBS.

How to contact the DBS

We chase each application on behalf of our Clients, to ensure the DBS are operating within their Service Level Agreements, and there are no delays in them returing the results. However applicants can contact the DBS to request that the process is accelerated. The Customer Services Team at the DBS are able to contact the relevant organisation/department holding the application however this is at their discretion, and is generally used in extreme circumstances when an applicant may experience hardship if the Certificate is not issued.

Any application can be tracked online using the following website:

The form reference number is required, plus the date of birth of the applicant. For eBulk users such as DDC Ltd, the form reference number (known as an “E Number”) is provided with the receipt given by the DBS when applications are submitted, and can found in the Application Overview section under Application Form Received. If the applicant wishes to track their application online they can either contact one of the DDC team on 0845 644 3298, or obtain this information from a Requester with access to the DDC Client Area.

How an applicant can chase their own application:

An applicant can contact the DBS directly to enquire about the progress of their application, using the DBS Customer Services number of 03000 200 190 or can use the above information to track online. The DBS also have a specific team who deal with applicants who may be experiencing financial difficulty as a result of delays with their application return. An applicant should ask to speak to the Redress Team, at the DBS, if this is the case.

A guide to the information provided by DDC Ltd

Within the Applicant Overview there are several sections which show when we last tracked an application and what we are doing to expedite the return of the Certificate. Clicking on the ‘Manage Applications’ button or by searching for an individual applicant will lead to the ‘Applicant Overview’ which will provide more detailed information. Within the Client Area News there is a guide to the specific sections of the Applicant Overview, which provide more information, and where to look for specific details.

We hope that this information is of use to our Clients, but if there is anything else we can assist with, please contact one of the team on 0845 644 3298.

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