The Disclosure and Barring Service extend the FREE COVID-19 checks to Standard and Enhanced without barred list checks

April 16th, 2020 by Jake Waddingham

The DBS previously announced FREE ‘enhanced with barred lists’ checks for NHS Health and Social Services, for employees being recruited in connection with the provision of care and treatment of Covid-19. As of the 15th April 2020 this has now been extended to include standard and ‘enhanced without barred list’ checks.

If you are recruiting in connection with COVID-19 please contact us on

0116 260 3055 or
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Which checks can I request for free?

If the role you are checking is eligible, you can request the below checks with no DBS fee:

  • Standard
  • Enhanced without Barred List
  • Enhanced with Children and/or Adult Barred List

Which roles are eligible for a FREE COVID-19 DBS Check?

The applicant must be registered or being considered to be registered by the registrar for one of the below professions;

1)            Nurse, midwife or nursing associate

2)            Regulated roles within the health profession

3)            Social worker

4)            Medical Practitioner

5)            Pharmacist or pharmacy technician

And the application is required to check the suitability of an applicant’s employability for the purposes of providing or being engaged to provide NHS health services or social care services in connection with provision of care and treatment of coronavirus in England and Wales.

What is the fast-track service?

The fast track service is for barred list check onlyStandard and ‘enhanced without barred list’ are not fast-tracked but will be free of charge for qualifying roles. More information on fast-track checks can be found in DDC’s ‘Free DBS checks for the NHS Health Services and Social Care Services’ news article.

How do I submit a free COVID-19 DBS check?

For existing clients, please contact the DDC Customer Service Team who will amend the job roles on your client area to ensure you can request a free COVID-19 check. Before using the free of charge service, you must consider whether the applicant has a recent check or is the applicant on the update service?

If you are not already benefiting from DDC’s online platform you can ‘Register Now’ for FREE and start processing your DBS checks today. If you have any questions please contact the team on 0116 260 3055 | 0845 644 3298 or

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