How do I apply for a Basic Disclosure?

April 13th, 2019 by Jonathan Bazely

An individual can apply for their own Basic Disclosure. Those living and working in England and Wales can apply directly with the DBS on the website. Those living and working in Scotland can apply directly with Disclosure Scotland on the website. Those living and working in Northern Ireland can apply directly with Access NI on the website.

For an individual to apply Passport and Driving Licence details will be required, together with National Insurance number and address history covering the past five years. If applying through Disclosure Scotland, the employer’s details will be required (if the disclosure certificate is to be sent there) and the applicant’s mother’s maiden name.

To support an application, the applicant will need to provide Passport, Driving Licence or Birth Certificate, confirming date of birth, and up to two utility bills or other documents issued by a government department or local authority confirming the current address. Whether or not these need to be sent directly to the issuing authority or to a third party for verification will depend on the process chosen. For more information on the document requirements please read the guidance for applicants pages.

For those requesting multiple basic checks for recruitment purposes or wishing to entirely outsource the process, please contact one of the team on 0116 260 3055 to discuss how DDC Ltd can assist you in getting basic disclosure checks. The DDC basic online application service allows the recruiting organisation to carry out all the ID checks with no need to send or post documents to a third party. Results are submitted and obtained electronically with many additional services in the management and reporting of results.

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