Changes to ID Documents – Updated

July 1st, 2014 by Jonathan Bazely

ID Documents

Update 08/07/2014 These changes are currently being tested and will be moved on to the ‘live’ system this evening.

1st July 2014 Changes to ID Documents

The DBS announced their intention to alter some of the existing guidelines relating to DBS ID documents, in the May / June 2014 DBS Newsletter, in particular driving licenses and adoption certificates. Today they have provided further information on these changes which will allow us to confirm how and when some documents can be used. The combination of documents required has not changed for the different routes of application. There still exists a minimum of 3 documents, at least one of which must confirm the date of birth and at least one that confirms the current address. The Changes to ID Documents are listed below.

UK and EU Driving Licence

This document has now changed to cover more than one group depending on the original documents issued and the documents provided by the issuing body.

  • If the EU/UK Photocard license is issued with a paper counterpart, which the applicant has and produces, it is classed as a Group 1 document.
  • If the applicant does not have the counterpart then it becomes a Group 2A document.
  • If the document was originally issued without a paper Counterpart the Photocard alone can be classed as a Group 1.
  • Current paper Driving Licences from the UK and EU Countries are classed as a Group 2A document.
  • Non-UK or Non EU photo driving licenses are still classed as Group 2A.

Previously an applicant could only use their EU Photocard Driving Licence if they had been in the UK for less than a year. This condition has been removed and there is no time restriction on these documents, up to 3 years from the date of entry to the UK or the applicant’s 70th Birthday (whichever is the later).

Adoption Certificate

This document has now moved from a Group 2A document to a Group 1 document, resulting in the same classification as an Original Birth Certificate (issued within 12 months of birth). At the time of writing there is no difference between an Adoption Certificate issued at the time of Adoption, or a Certificated Copy of a Certificate.

DDC System Changes

As always we are working hard to ensure that these document changes are implemented in to our system as soon as possible. The DBS issued the detailed information relating to these changes today and informed us at approximately 11:30. We estimate that these changes will be in place on the system for the 8th July 2014. For any applicant wishing to submit documents to the online system using the new guidelines, please contact a DDC Team Member on 0845 644 3298 for assistance. For more information concerning changes to ID documents please click here