What is ‘Working from the Home Address’ on the DBS form?

June 11th, 2014 by Jonathan Bazely

When do I tick the ‘Working from Home Address’ box on a DBS form?

This specific question was added to DBS forms and online applications as part of the May/June 2013 changes. The applicant or person requesting the check should use this box to indicate if they (or the applicant) are carrying out the work from within their own home. This only relates to the work that requires a DBS check and the box relates to the current home address as entered on to the form. An example of a person that needs to tick this box would be a personal tutor working in their own home with children. Common roles that fall under this grouping are Physiotherapists working from their home address, private tutors and child minders providing childcare from their home address.

Applicants should not tick this box if the applicant travels to another person’s home to carry out their job function e.g. a carer visiting a Vulnerable Adult’s home to provide care. In this example, working from home would also exclude paperwork that the carer takes home as part of the caring role, as the paperwork part of the job does not require a DBS check.

Does remote working from home class as ‘Working from the Home Address’?

Remote working is not the same as ‘working from home’ for the purposes of the a DBS check. If the applicant is working from their home address and is performing their role remotely, but their work with Children or Vulnerable Adults is over the phone or the internet, the role is not considered home based. To meet the DBS  requirements the Children or Vulnerable Adults should be present in the home of the person providing teaching, instruction or other applicable Regulated Activities.

Why should this information be included?

This information ensures the criminal records check includes all results linked with that address and not just the name, address combination entered on to the form. The purpose of the check is to ensure that no other person living at the applicant’s address is unsuitable for the work being undertaken at the location e.g. the partner of a childminder living at the childminding premises. It is not uncommon for the Local Police Force to request confirmation of those living at the home address of an applicant, to fully assess the role.

Working at the Home Address and using the Update Service?

The Update Service is not suitable for those who are ‘working from their home address’ as defined by the DBS. This is primarily because the Update Service allows an employer or endorsing organisation to confirm if a Certificate has changed since it was issued, and it does not re-run any checks on the household where the work may be taking place.

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